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Hello friends to the first of my small business loves series. My aim is to highlight a range of small businesses across the Bellarine Peninsula who are doing things differently, are innovative, creative and damn nice people. 

I'm kicking things off with my first business love - That Place Pattiserie & Cafe. When That Place Pattiserie & Cafe opened up a few streets from where I live I was pretty ecstatic. Now I could walk around the corner for my coffee fix on those cold rainy mornings and treat myself to the best home made croissants I’ve tasted in a long time.

Since That Place Pattiserie opened up it has become one of Geelong’s most popular destinations. You often see people happily waiting for their coffee (7 Seeds) and munching on delicious desserts or their home made pies and salads. When you’re serving up Seven Seeds coffee and such an array of deliciousness, you can’t go wrong! The staff are top notch too! 

I spoke to Ashlea, owner and pastry chef of That Place Pattiserie about what has made her business so successful to date.

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1. Tell us what inspired you to start your business?

It was definitely my love of coffee and good food. As soon as i was old enough to work i have been in the hospitality industry. Throughout any stressful times in my life i have used cooking as an outlet. I love trying new ingredients and recipes but most importantly i love refining simple traditional recipes until they are perfect. I think i have a pretty good palate for this industry and refining foods. I have big ideas and the willingness to attempt new things. I have always wanted to show people my talent and to see the joy that it brings to my customers.

2. What did you do before you started your business?

I have a degree in Exercise Science. I was working for an amazing business doing physiological testing, biomechanics and running technique courses. As an athlete it seemed like the right direction to go in. However, there was still something calling me to the hospitality world.

3. What’s been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome since you launched your business?

Initially, it would have been getting the renovation complete in time for our opening. Everything takes so much longer than you expect and my partner and I definitely took on a lot. We took over the property in March and opened in October with a fully renovated property (except for a few things that we still need to complete). Both of us were working full time throughout the renovation so it was a pretty hectic time.

Now, it is definitely staffing. We have already doubled our number of staff since we initially opened. I run the business predominantly by myself (with the help of my partner) so it is pretty full on managing so many people along with being the head chef.

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4. What do you love about running your own business?

Seeing the reactions on peoples faces when they eat my food. Knowing that myself and the team have created that happiness is such a good feeling.

5. What are some of your favourite desserts in store and what should we be trying?

For me, I can never go past a Pain Au Chocolat or Apple Turnover. One of these with a coffee is the perfect way to start each day. People should look out for our speciality products in our refrigerated counter. People tend to miss them, as there are so many other products on the counter. At the moment you will see in there: Apple Tarte Tatin, Chocolate Eclair Choux Buns, Rhubarb and Rosemary Tarts etc.

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 6. What’s your favourite dessert?

This is always such a tough question. I think i have to say Crepes. Tom and I always have the ingredients in our fridge to make crepes. We have ALOT of crepe cook ups after dinner.

7. How important has social media marketing been for your business?

So So important- we were lucky to have quite a strong following prior to opening our doors on Mt Pleasant Road. We had been doing markets for over a year and built a great social media following from there. The news of our business opening has spread so much quicker due to social media.

8. We know that bakers get up early each day. What’s your start time?

I start at 4.15am, we have to get in nice and early to start prooving the croissants. They take about two hours to prove before we can put them in the oven. We try to time them coming out of the oven with the opening of the shop. There is nothing better than a warm croissant straight from the oven.

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9. What do you love about Geelong and do you have any favourite places?

Being so close to the coast. It is so nice that you can jump in the car and be at one of gorgeous coastlines within 15minutes. Tom and I love the new up and coming cafe and restaurant scene in Geelong. We are always out and about enjoying it. Our coffee spots, on our days off, are Geelong West Social Club and Little Green Corner. You will see us having cheese and wine at Union Street Wine Bar or Cellar Door. We also love popping up the road for some more french cuisine at Bistro Plume.

10. If you could have dinner with any 3 people, (alive or up in the sky) who would it be and why?

Ryan Gosling- I still have not got over him since he was my 16 year old crush

Yotam Ottolenghi- My first inspiration major inspiration at 18 years of age when i visited his Cafe in London

Tom my partner- he always makes a dinner party much more fun

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That Place Pattiserie & Cafe

110B Mt Pleasant Rd, Belmont VIC 3216

Breaky and Lunch
TUES 7.30-12
W-F 7.30-4
SAT 8-4
SUN 8-12

Serving 7 Seeds coffee

Artisanal Pastry Products.
French Inspired Sweet Treats.
Classic Desserts With A Modern Twist.
European inspired breakfast & lunch
Seasonally Influenced.
Locally Sourced Produce.

*Commercial photography by Chrissie Francis